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Find the reds, pinks, corals and other shades that match your skin tone.

Here are a few things to consider when searching for the hue that’s really you.

Tones That Set The Tone –
Subtle colors and neutral tones can serve you well on casual days and weekend afternoons. When it comes to dressing up and going to town, nothing says “Party!” better than a glamorous red!
— Quiet pinks and sheer textures are ideal for warm weather; creamy dark wines and plums are ripe for winter.
— Olive skin looks best in light browns with warm tones, or dark brownish-reds. Stay away from pinks or orange-reds!
— Fair complexions fare well with shades that have a warm pink or peachy glow, or dramatic reds with a bluish tint.
— Dark skin is flattered by deep reds with blue or purple tones, or deep reddish-browns. Avoid pinks or orange-reds!

What do you do for dry cracked bleeding hands?

April 12, 2013 in Skin care - Makeup - Image


Have you ever asked yourself this question:

What do you do for dry cracked bleeding hands?

Do your hands get dry in the winter, crack, then start bleeding from being so cracked and dry. Most lotions and hand creams either seem to not work that well or the ones that work well are extremely painful to use ~  they sting and burn.
Well, I know I sound like a broken record, but if this has been your experience, you haven’t tried our Extreme Repair Hand Cream.  With regular use you’ll never have those dry cracked bleeding hands (or feet) again!! Make sure you have one for your purse, home and car.  Your hands/feet will love you for it!
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