Kevin Gary has spent years in and about the building trades and as well as being certified as a home inspector has a
great understanding of residential and commercial construction.

Kevin will walk you thru the inspection process and explain what he observes and what issues may be considered
a defect and those that are mererly noted areas of concern.

Inspections include
Home Exterior and grounds
Inspect exterior surfaces and drainage grade

Inspect the roof, chimney, flashings, eaves & soffits

Inspect the electircal panel(s), safety breakers (GFCI, AFCI), swithces and plugs

Inspect all drains, supply water, water heater, plumbing fixtures

HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning)
Inspect heater, air conditioning, ductwork, check for air leaks and moisture penetration

Decks and Patios
Inspect decks and patios for structural integrety and safety

Inspect the attic looking for possible roof issues, ductwork and air penetration

Crawl Space/Basements
Inspect the crawl space for any structural foundation issues and moisture penetration

Inspect garage for possible safety issues, safe garage door, proper fire rated wall

Swimming Pools and Spas
Inspect pool and spa, water leaks, unsafe wiring issues, pool surface and cool deck issues
Complete report ready within 24 hours using Home Gauge software.


Contact Kevin Gary at www.garyhomeinspections.com or call (480) 299-0801

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