Our business is helping small businesses minimize risk.  Our area of risk management is Human Resources.  We help you position your company in the labor market thus maximizing the people side of your business environment both physically and emotionally.  We minimize risk and maximize potential by keeping people from getting in the way of the success of the company.

To reduce this risk we tackle difficult issues such as employee engagement, morale, performance, onboarding and terminations or in a generalist capacity dealing with everyday issues.  We have among our consultants, benefits/compensation, training, and performance management experts to answer your questions and put together plans.

In today’s intelligence-based economy, where people, not products or equipment, generate the lion’s share of revenue, corporate leaders must examine the impact of HR on the bottom line.

Marlene Zagon is Managing Director at SDHR Consortium, LLC, a group of Senior Human Resource Consultants dedicated to working with small companies and start-ups to establish and build their Human Resource initiatives. She has been in Human Resources for over 30 years and remembers when it was called Personnel.  Marlene started her career in New York and was the first American and first female manager hired by EMC, a Japanese import company.  Upon arriving in San Diego in 1979, Marlene went to work at a computer manufacturing company when mainframe computers were still the rage and it was there that Marlene got to know the personality of the “engineer”.

Her love for human resources brought her to Littlefeet, a start-up wireless infrastructure company in Poway where she helped the organization grow and where she remained until Littlefeet closed its doors in January 2004.  She then moved on to Entriq, now Irdeto USA, Inc. a firm of many facets including web based security and content management.  While there Marlene helped grow the company internationally by building offices in Shanghai, London, and South America.  She was on the mergers & acquisition team and helped to incorporate several companies into one Irdeto.

Marlene holds a Certificate in Human Resources Management from San Diego State University and is certified as an SPHR.  She is also a certified peer counselor.


Address: Marlene Zagon SPHR
Managing Director
SDHR Consortium, LLC
16766 Bernardo Center Drive
Suite 106
San Diego, CA 92128
Local telephone: 619 857 1644
Fax 858 613 0068

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Leadership – Best Practices

The art of leadership is not just leading a bunch of people through a task or a project, but helping them realize their own strengths and awaken them to live their dreams. Marlene Zagon, SPHR, Managing Director of SDHRC, has over 25 years’ experience in Human Resources and has worked with executive teams to train the next generation of leaders in their organizations.

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