Special Events

San Diego Trolley Tours August 5, 2023.

Hosted by Kate, Larry Cook, and Diane DeBerry. It was a wonderful experience. We enjoyed seeing the sights of San Diego as well as lunch at Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town. This gave us some time together to build our relationships, as well as share business and networking ideas.

Holiday Party December 3, 2021

Thanks for hosting our holiday party in your home Diane and Bill DeBerry!

A special thank you to MaiLan Tran for cooking an amazing feast. We had appetizers, butternut squash soup, salad, spring rolls, fresh fruit, baked salmon, vegan chicken and bacon, and roast beef.

It was a great time to mingle, get to know people better, share some gifts, and fun. We are looking forward to the next special event.

The next special event will be determined shortly. We generally have a special event once every quarter. The events may be a special party, an outing to attend an activity, event, concert, museum, or other.

These events are part of what makes North County Referrals so special. Take a look at our amazing networking skills at work…