North County Referrals

Business Networking Group

Our Purpose Is To Refer Business In A Relaxed Setting And Build Strong Relationships Through Friendships.


1st, 2nd, & 3rd Fridays of Each Month
(No meeting 4th Fridays)



16759 Bernardo Center Dr.
San Diego, CA 92128

About North County Referrals

North County Referrals (NCR) is an independent group of Business and Professional people.  In October of 1983, five people, a Dentist, a Real Estate Agent, an Optician, a Chiropractor, and an independent New Car Salesperson, came together for the sole purpose of getting to know each other and their businesses. We felt this was the best way to be confident in referring business to each other, as well as being a source of referral for others we know that may need their services.

The premise was if we meet once a week for breakfast and get to know each other, we are more likely to feel confident about giving that person a referral. We all had been to other Business Referrals Groups and agreed that we did not like the strict rules of fines for not bringing a guest or giving a referral each week. We knew we could not always give a weekly referral but as often as possible we refer each other.

We started small and grew quickly, averaging 25-30 members. Thirty-eight years late NCR is still going strong!

James Spalenka, DDS, Founding Member

Why Join?

Successful Networking depends on developing business relationships with others who place a similar importance on this approach. You probably have a number of these relationships in place, but it can be difficult to generate enough in a small business where you work with a limited number of clients & suppliers.

When you find a group that you feel may be right for you there is one huge benefit. The shared commitment to building those business relationships. If you are wondering about joining a group just ask yourself how long it would take to build that number of positive relationships outside one at a time.

As you develop a high level of trust with others in the group you are able to:

  • Specialize in what you are really good at
  • Reduce your costs of selling
  • Reduce risks
  • Work with other companies on larger projects
  • Improve credibility
  • Give & gain specialist information
  • Give & gain hard to get business intelligence
  • Give & gain referrals

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Member Testimonials

"I have been a member of North County Referrals for many years and would highly recommend this networking group to others wishing to grow their business. Each person in NCR provides the highest quality of service and I trust them to provide myself and my clients professional service in a timely manner. Referring a friend is easy when you believe in the person and the quality of service they provide. ”

Ginny Winkler

"North County Referral Group is more than just a networking group. Once you join you become part of a family. It is always easier to refer to someone you know personally as opposed to someone you see in a networking group but really don’t know much about the person. The same goes for family and friends as they get that seal of approval to refer business to you. These type of relationships last a lifetime."

Steve Schulman

I have been a member of North County Referrals for almost 7 years and over that time I’ve found friends, colleagues, and clients through this group as well as encouragement. We feel each other’s pain when business is slow and we revel in each other’s success when we hit milestones in both business and life. It’s a “Best Place to Network” in North County.”

Marlene Zagon SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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