Member Testimonials

See why our members love networking…

“North County Referrals embodies the principles that I have in my business, Seniors Helping Seniors, a non-medical in-home support company. We assigned seniors who can still help to seniors who need help with their daily activities. At SHS, we hire through a referral system. It means that the person applying for a caregiver position is vetted by someone whom the company knows or knows the company’s management. This is important because the referring person knows the personality, trustworthiness and reliability of that particular applicant. North County Referrals is the same thing. First, all members are outstanding in their particular field. It is not hard to refer NCR members to anyone not only because they are trustworthy, reliable and the best in their field but they are known as such by the referring person. This is a much better choice than taking out a name from the yellow pages.”
Gideon Abraham III, BSN, RN
“I have been a member of North County Referrals for many years and would highly recommend this networking group to others wishing to grow their business. As a Realtor it is a comfort to know that I can call on a number of other members to assist my clients with their needs. This in turn helps me provide the best service to my clients. Each person in NCR provides the highest quality of service and I trust them to provide myself and my clients professional service in a timely manner. Our group is about building business through friendships and that is what this group has done for my business. Referring a friend is easy when you believe in the person and the quality of service they provide. Receiving a referral is the highest compliment and a treasured benefit of a networking group such as North County Referrals.”
Ginny Winkler
“Your Realtor For Life”
“North County Referrals is not only place for networking and referrals — it’s a place to develop life-long relationships with AMAZING people you like and trust — it’s a family!!”
Mary Hill
VIP/Independent Consultant
“North County Referral Group is more than just a networking group. Once you join you become part of a family. It is always easier to refer to someone you know personally as opposed to someone you see in a networking group but really don’t know much about the person. The same goes for family and friends as they get that seal of approval to refer business to you. These type of relationships last a lifetime.”
Steve Schulman
“I really get that Friday mornings are difficult to do – but it is worth it when you get to have breakfast with your “networking family” that you know and trust usually three Fridays out of the month. There is comfort in just listening to the others that have also gotten up early to be there. My business has increased slowly but steadily. I appreciate that it is a “single profession” so there is no competition among the members. I have met some of the very nicest professionals in so many professions that I always have a place to refer someone to when in general conversation with clients and I hear a need. I saved a copy of the list of members so I have it on my iPad to easily refer to when I need it. I also appreciate the social we have at the end of each month where it is a little less formal and we can interact with one another on a more social level.”
Sally M. McKay, CTIE, MCC, ACC
Owner, MG Travel
“As the plumber in the group, I have provided service to just about everyone in the group. As our company grows we are able to get positive feedback on some of our newest employees. All feedback, good or bad, is a great thing to get; especially when it’s from someone you can trust. It allows a company like mine to work on being the best we can be. North Country Referrals allows me to talk about my business while it also helps me grow as an individual and a business owner. Not only do we meet weekly, but we also meet monthly as a group in a social setting and throughout the year we attend miscellaneous fun activities. It really feels like a family environment. Thank you so much North County Referrals.”
Casey Post
“I have been a member of North County Referrals for almost 7 years and over that time I’ve learned that business to business is the best way to grow my Human Resources consulting practice. I’ve found friends, colleagues, and clients through this group as well as encouragement. We feel each other’s pain when business is slow and we revel in each other’s success when we hit milestones in both business and life. It’s a “Best Place to Network” in North County.”
Marlene Zagon SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Human Resources Consulting
“I have enjoyed being a member of North County referrals for several reasons. I came to grow my business. With time and commitment to the group I have seen not only growth in my business but also the bonus of many new friendships. I feel blessed to be part of such a nurturing group.”
Robin Healy
IT Consultant