When Bosses are Bullies

When Bosses are Bullies – Article by David Lieberman Policymakers have enjoyed a free pass in discussions over what to do in response to the sexual harassment allegations taking down Hollywood producers, news media titans and actors. Because the worst of the transgressions already are illegal, lawmakers seem satisfied to call for culprits to be […]

News You Can Use

News You Can Use   In this issue:   Labor Solicitor Presses on Misclassification, Warns Violators Face ‘Full Brunt of the Law’ Guidance Is Issue On ACA Reimbursements EEOC, OFCCP Heads Discuss Pay Bias as Focus of Efforts EEOC, Private Plaintiffs Pushing for Rulings on LGBT Rights Job Descriptions Can Protect Against Litigation, Speaker Says […]

New for 2015

  16766 Bernardo Center Drive, Ste. 106 San Diego, CA 92128 619 857 1644       New for 2015 AB1522: Beginning July 1, 2015, every employee, whether exempt or non­exempt (limited exceptions), who is employed in California for 30 days or more will be entitled to accrue paid sick leave at the employee’s regular […]

Use Caution when Planning Employer-Sponsored Events

View this article from Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo A Professional Law Corporation • www.aalrr.com AALRR Alert publication: PLEG_Alert_-_August_15,_2013_New_Appellate_Court_Ruling_Serves_As_A_Cautionary_Tale_For_Employer-Sponsored_Social_Events

Leadership – Best Practices

The art of leadership is not just leading a bunch of people through a task or a project, but helping them realize their own strengths and awaken them to live their dreams.
Marlene Zagon, SPHR, Managing Director of SDHRC, has over 25 years’ experience in Human Resources and has worked with executive teams to train the next generation of leaders in their organizations.